Engine Oil Additives

With engine oil additives from APOLCO you are assured of not only the best additives but also the best possible support in creating your products. Our products for both passenger car and heavy-duty diesel engine oils meet the demand of the latest vehicles and industry requirements. Our additives help you create products that meet the highest standards regarding fuel economy, emissions, wear protection and other demands from the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Besides preventing wear and deposit buildup, our additives also increase oil resistance to oxidation and deterioration at high temperatures.

APOLCO also offers specific two-stroke solutions. For both air- and water-cooled applications, we offer additives that deliver outstanding performance. Because we understand the specific requirements, our additives give your products the resistance to oxidation and deterioration to exceed expectations.

The most important benefits of our engine oil additives:

  • Meets and exceeds most OEM requirements
  • Coverage of most API/ACEA specifications
  • Excellent wear and friction control
  • Manufactured with highest quality components
  • Cascadable
  • Applicable in a wide variety of base oils