The safe choice for lubricant blenders

APOLCO is a well-recognized supplier for the lubr​icant industry. Key to our success are our quality products. We are known as the safe choice for lubricant blenders. With APOLCO as your partner you do not have to worry about quality assurance. APOLCO products are extensively tested and we provide additional test data to our partners to prove that APOLCO products meet and exceed the highest quality standards.

APOLCO: your one-stop solution for lubricant additives

APOLCO’s additives help you create high-end lubricants that protect engines, transmissions, gear boxes and a wide range of equipment with moving parts from wear, deposits, corrosion, water under a wide range of operating temperatures. You can use our additives in oils, fluids and greases to meet the industry’s strict product specifications.

What sets APOLCO apart from its competition is that we help define your exact product request, then find the perfect additives match. Once this has been identified, APOLCO will provide you with all the necessary formulations, saving you time and money.

Driveline Additives

Engine Oil Additives

Industrial Additives