Industrial Additives

With APOLCO’s industrial additives you will be able to create lubricants and hydraulic oils that extend the life of important systems. The additives will give your products excellent wear protection and extreme pressure performance. Of course, the APOLCO additives also include rust protection and thermal and oxidative stability.

Via our unique intake process, we will be able to quickly identify exactly the products you need. All test results and product specifications are available, saving you time and money. With APOLCO hydraulic oil additives, you will be able to meet or even exceed all major hydraulic specifications. Our additives ensure that your product will perform optimally in any environment.

The most important benefits of our industrial oil additives:

  • Competitive Net Treat Cost
  • Meets and exceeds market standards
  • Applicable in a wide variety of base oils
  • Well proven performance
  • Test data available