APOLCO has an extensive range of components like detergents, dispersants and Polymers. These components are of the highest quality and help you increase your lubricant to perform beyond expectations.

A few examples of our components are listed below. Please contact your APOLCO representative for more information.


VI improvers

Available in both solids and liquids, our Viscosity Index Improvers are designed to improve the range of effective viscosity for all your lubricants.

Our top tear VII’s will provide exceed your expectations and we are here to recommend the perfect product for your application.


Calcium Sulfonates

Calcium Sulfonate is normally used as a detergent and rust inhibitor for crankcase lubricants. It is designed to work with other detergents, like calcium phenate and is compatible with most mineral base oils, white oils and synthetic base stocks.


Pour point depressants

Pour Point Depressants (PPD’s) are another key component for your lubricant. APOLCO’s PPD’s have been carefully selected to provide the highest protection at low temperatures. APOLCO’s PPD’s are compatible in a wide variety of base oils.